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LCD TV resolution, new gadget, performance parameter, Quality, Technology

February 23, 2016
LCD TV resolution, new gadget, performance parameter, Quality, Technology
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 LCD TV resolution, new gadget, performance parameter, Quality, Technology

Quality always seems like such a relative and subjective word – in the sense that each of us has a different perspective on it and any product may seem ordinary relative to another amazing (newer or much more expensive) product.

For example…

But when you are looking to buy a new gadget or piece of technology, the real question that we have in mind is – “What’s good enough for ME?”.

Or more precisely, what’s good enough for me to Enjoy, Appreciate or Flaunt (yup, that’s inevitably a big one :-) )

GREAT question, and one that we think about a lot too…

A good way to figure out the answer to this question, is to ask yourself:

1. What performance parameter should I use to judge quality? Is it speed, is it size (almost never), is it clarity, is it flexibility, etc? This differs depending on what you are buying and how you plan to use it. Example, if I am buying a USB thumb drive, then quality isn’t about capacity (marketers create this confusion), it’s about data transfer rate and if you’re buying a TV it’s about image clarity and reproduction, not screen size or the rating of the speakers.

2. Can I even make out the difference? We can’t all be connoisseurs of everything, and it’s incredibly wasteful trying to pretend we can be. Why bother with studio quality speakers if you can’t really make out the difference in sound quality compared to a consumer model?

3. Is it good enough for my room? Quality is relevant within in a certain context, and quite often we tend towards buying more than we actually need. A common example is LCD TV resolution – there is little point to 4K resolution if you are in a small apartment and sitting just a few feet away from your TV screen. What you should be looking for is the best TV for a small room, and not the best TV ever built.

Spend on something that’s going to be good enough for you for several years – not just the flavor of the season or the one trying to be the best of all time…

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