What’s terrible about buying online, TOO MUCH CLUTTER

February 23, 2016
What’s terrible about buying online, TOO MUCH CLUTTER
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What’s terrible about buying online, TOO MUCH CLUTTER


Online commerce has been a breath of fresh air in India – where the seller has usually reigned supreme and choices are often limited. Speed, convenience and GREAT discounts have been a boon for gadget and electronics fans like us.

Unfortunately, there is a lot more that comes with most of those great looking deals and it’s a whole lot of junk. Many of the deals start looking bad as soon as you start unpacking the product, and find pretty basic features missing. Others start looking like less of a deal as you begin to realise how exactly you want to use the product, or when you want it to work with another product in your home or office.

So, why not just buy only the great stuff?

And by great we don’t necessarily mean expensive. Great value can be had when we know exactly what we are looking for – which for most of us is the 3rd or 4th time we’ve experienced buying a particular type of gadget.

So its likely that my 4th pair of head phones will end up as a way better choice than the first couple! That can be a pretty expensive path to experience.

But what if someone could eliminate this clutter (and junk) for us, and helped us pick products that we’ll still be using (and loving) a long time from now?

At Ooberpad, our team is betting we can. We’re carefully sifting through a ton of products, to pick ONLY the ones that have great utility AND great value that doesn’t diminish as fast as a melting ice cream cone.

We’re hoping that you’ll love them too.

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