Understanding quality: What about in a smartphone (circa 2015)

February 25, 2016
Understanding quality: What about in a smartphone (circa 2015)
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Quality means different things to different people, and making decisions on quality can be a moving target. When we don’t recognise what quality is for a particular product quality, a good buying decision becomes complicated.

For many of us a brand represents quality – and while this can be true, most technology brands today have some great and not so good products.

When we make our buying decisions based on performance based qualitative parameters, we’re often distracted by speed (which chip), LTE support and screen size (5.5″!) and overlook other more relevant parameters.

For example, what about these parameters?

1. How much memory and storage does it have – 1GB RAM (speed) and 16GB (storage)?
2. How good is its battery – how long will it last and how fast does it recharge?
3. What are the pixels per inch or real resolution of the screen?
4. Will the manufacturer provide me with OS updates (security and feature ups)?
5. Does it support external storage media like OTG or MicroSD?
6. Build quality and service support – which affects the longevity of your phone

Each of these is much more likely to affect your everyday satisfaction than those other parameters.

Our obsession over parameters like processor and connectivity support is often a hangover from the early smartphone days or from the industry marketing buzz.

Be sure you’re picking the right things to measure for quality.

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