Understanding quality: What about in a home cinema projector (circa 2015)?

February 25, 2016
Understanding quality: What about in a home cinema projector (circa 2015)?
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Home Cinema Projector Buyers Guide

Quality means different things to different people, and making decisions on quality can be a moving target. When we don’t recognise what quality is for a particular product quality, a good buying decision becomes complicated.

For many of us a big brand represents quality – and while this can be true, most technology brands today have some great and not so good products.

When we make our buying decisions based on performance based qualitative parameters, we’re often distracted by how bright or how light a projector is and overlook other parameters that are more relevant today.

For example, what about these parameters?

1. What’s its colour brightness – because that’s more representative of overall image brightness than just the raw white brightness rating
2. What is the true resolution of the projector’s panel/chip – rather than looking at its maximum supported resolution you need TrueHD support at least if you are buying one today.
3. The kind of optical flexibility the projector offers – in terms of vertical and horizontal keystone adjustments and short-throw ability or the optical zoom ratio.
4. The peak brightness life of the projector lamp – it’s not so much fun when it gets dimmer.
5. The connectivity options that it offers – multiple HDMI, USB seem the basic necessities but the more the options the better. Wireless presentation compatibility is well worth investing in if you want to use mobile devices to serve the content.

Examine these closely because each of these is much more likely to affect your everyday satisfaction than those other parameters that show up first on a manufacturer’s site. An obsession over parameters like white brightness and weight is often a hangover from the early projector days or from the current version of industry marketing buzz.

Be sure you’re picking the right things to measure for quality.

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