How to choose the right multimedia projector – Part II

February 25, 2016
How to choose the right multimedia projector – Part II
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How to choose the right multimedia projector – Part II

This is the second in a two-part series discussing how to choose the right multimedia projector.

Image quality (Data and video)

Most of today's multimedia projectors do an excellent job of projecting data in their native resolution. However, there are certain differences from product to product, and also between DLP and LCD models.

LCD projectors will mostly have richer colours, but the pixels will be more visible. However, the sharpness of the pixel structure tends to give the impression that the image projected by an LCD projector is sharper. DLP projectors have far less visible pixels, which works better when viewing photographic images or video. So, choose your projector for its image quality, carefully.

Reliability and warranty

Ensure that you have a working warranty, as projectors are very expensive to repair. In some cases, repairing the projector can cost more than the projector. Warranties vary tremendously from brand to brand and in some cases, manufacturers offer different warranties on different models.

Some brands are more reliable than others. Over the first 3 years of projector use, the most reliable brands might have failure rates of 1 to 3 %, as opposed to the worst brands having a failure rate of as much as 30 to 40%. So, shop around for the right brand, when it comes to reliability.


When it comes to price and performance, we are talking about a balance between price and brightness, features, size/weight ease of use, warranty and other aspects. Price isn't everything and every feature or benefit can have a corresponding effect on price. So, again, shop around for the right price/performance !

Advanced features

These include features such as interchangeable lenses, annotation tools, optical lens shift, and PC-free presentations. There may be other features, but ensure that you only pay and opt for the ones you really want!

Now you know more about how to go about choosing the right multimedia projector. So, whether you are a SOHO owner, or a CEO of a small or medium business, you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right projector for your home or business...Happy shopping!

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