What to keep in mind when buying a surround sound package for your home

February 25, 2016
What to keep in mind when buying a surround sound package for your home
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What to keep in mind when buying a surround sound package for your home

You may think a surround sound system for your home is beyond your reach...But it isn't! Today, with expanding technology, cool audiovisual setups like a surround sound system are more affordable than ever...

But, why do you need a surround sound system at home? Well, there are several reasons, but the most important is, that it improves your television viewing experience substantially. As you explore your surround sound system options you will also realise that you have a lot to choose from. Ultimately, the surround sound system you buy will depend both on your budget, as well as on what you want to use it for.

While you can set the system up yourself, you can also hire a professional to set it up for you. There are certain points to keep in mind when you buy and install a surround sound system. So, here goes...

1) Buy components or a pre-packaged system: You can buy separate components or a pre-packaged system. The latter benefits a novice, who might not be able to put together a customised system from several different components. The latter may include a television, a blu-ray or DVD player, a receiver, speakers, speaker stands, speaker brackets, a subwoofer, cables, surge protection and a universal remote.

2) Think seriously about opting for a professional installation: Installing a surround sound system might be more complicated than you think, depending on the equipment and layout of your room. If you don't understand the electronics well enough to install the system correctly, you should opt for a professional installation. An expert can install your surround system in as little as two hours!

3) A professional will follow a certain sequence for installing the system: The professional or expert will first assess your acoustic space before deciding on how and where to install your surround sound system. After this, the expert will set up the home theatre equipment, and will determine the cable length necessary for each component with careful measuring.

Once this is done, the professional installer knows exactly how to connect each device, such as the television, blu-ray player, and AV receiver. After connecting the home theatre equipment, it's time to connect the speaker system. The installer will place the speakers optimally wihin the room to enhance sound quality. Once the entire surround sound system has been set up, the installer will test the system to ensure optimal sound. The installer will also resolve any problems that occur so that you get the best results from your system.

4) Common mistakes that you could make: You could place the speakers in the wrong position so the surround sound might not produce the desired effect. Also, incorrect wiring might create static interference with the system speakers.

5) Costs for installing a surround sound system may vary: If you are hiring a professional installer for your surround sound system, cost may be a huge factor. The cost of installing a surround sound system depends on the type of system, how complicated the equipment is, your home theatre environment and your geographical location. Costs vary widely, so do check out different options before deciding on one.

So, now you know more about why you need a surround sound system, what you should look out for and what you should consider before, during and after installation. Here's to a wonderful surround sound experience!

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