Why you need a lighting scene controller at home and at work

Why you need a lighting scene controller at home and at work

You have a dinner planned and want to adjust the lights in your living room to suit the mood. You have just rented the latest movie and want to dim the lights in your home cinema , so you and your guests can watch the movie without the lights coming in the way. You own a small restaurant and want to have bright lights on for an impromptu birthday celebration. You can do all of this and more with a lighting scene controller.

With your lighting scene controller, you can combine different lights to create the perfect atmosphere in the room and even in your entire home or workplace! For example, if you want to eat in the kitchen, you simply flick a button and the kitchen lights dim, coloured lights switch on, and your dining table is lit up.

You can also set different lighting scenes. And you don't have to do this only through a switch on the wall. You can set scenes through your PC, smartphone or tablet. And you don't have to do this again and again. Simply set the scene you want and save it for the future. Select that scene again and voila! the lights dim or become brighter depending on your preferred setting.

You can also save a lot of your energy expenses by installing a vacancy sensor. This is particularly suited for bathrooms and utility spaces. It detects whether a room is occupied and turns the lights off when it's not. This saves energy by ensuring that the lights are off when the room is not being used.

The lighting scene controller can also be easily installed in conference rooms, home theatres, restaurants, houses of worships, auditoria, and retail outlets and is perfect for use both at work and at home. It provides dimming, switching and daylight control. You can create a true home cinema experience by switching smoothly between lighting scenes. The lighting scene controller integrates with audio/video, home automation systems, and controllable blinds.

So, now you know why a lighting scene controller is increasingly becoming a necessity and is no longer a luxury. So, do explore this product and understand why it's right for you!

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