Comparing Samsung LSP7T vs Epson LS300 - Everything You Need to Know

December 13, 2021
Comparing Samsung LSP7T vs Epson LS300 - Everything You Need to Know
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Samsung LSP7T vs Epson LS300

Whether it is the latest blockbuster, a sports match that gets your adrenaline high or your favourite sitcom, watching any of these in rich, vivid colours, large, bright images, from the comfort of your home, right out of the box is an unparalleled viewing experience. Imagine watching a movie on a 100-inch or more screen with full surround sound and ultra-short throw that takes care of the unpleasant on-screen shadowing; all these without stepping out of your comfort zone?

Exhilarating, right? That’s why the lure of a giant picture from a projector is hard to resist.

To help you experience brilliant, theatre-quality entertainment at home, without regretting your decision, we present to you a comprehensive comparison of the top-of-the-line projectors from Samsung and Epson.

Samsung The Premiere LSP7T 2200-Lumen Ultra-Short Throw Smart Laser DLP Home Theater Projector

To enjoy large images from short distances from your home entertainment set-up, you may want to check out the feature-packed Samsung The Premiere LSP7T 2200-Lumen Ultra-Short Throw Smart Laser DLP Home Theater Projector. With its powerful features, it is a great choice for catering to all your home entertainment needs.

Ease of streaming

Its built-in WI-Fi, ethernet connectivity and onboard Tizen smart TV operating system facilitates the ease of streaming from popular apps

Superb brightness

It renders vibrant images and projects 4K UHD on-screen resolution, thanks to the 2200 lumens of brightness

High on compatibility

It is compatible with the HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG HDR formats that ensure you get to enjoy rich, life-like colours while watching any content of your choice

Ultra-short 0.254:1 throw ratio

Attributable to the ultra-short 0.254:1 throw ratio, you can place the projector just inches from your screen or wall without worrying about on-screen shadow and still enjoying the big-screen experience even in the most space-challenged rooms

Voice Control

Enjoy voice control features with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung Bixby. An IR remote is an appealing add-on!

Hassle-free installation

Requires no ceiling mount, offering hassle-free installation. It is precision-engineered to sit right by the wall with an easily adjustable screen size

Less expensive

More expensive than their manual counterparts

Easy mirroring

Facilitates easy mirroring, with a single tap

Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS300 3600-Lumen Full HD Ultra-Short Throw Smart Laser 3LCD Projector

Get used to a new type of screen less TV experience with the Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS300 Smart Streaming Laser Projector. Leveraging an advanced, ultra-short-throw design and sound by Yamaha, viewing content is now easier than ever.

Enjoy full HD DR image

Whether it is your favourite show, gaming experience or a sports match, it packs a punch with an immersive, bright viewing experience by accepting content up to 4K for a detailed Full HD HDR image

Yamaha-designed stereo speaker system

It renders a powerful audio experience with a feature-packed Yamaha-designed stereo speaker system and a dedicated woofer


It offers the unmatched ease and convenience of Bluetooth audio streaming

Built-in Google Assistant

Get access to your favourite streaming apps with the built-in Google Assistant

Ultra-short throw design

Ultra-short throw design virtually eliminates the problem of on-screen shadow.

Multi-array laser diode technology

Increased black density brightness thanks to the Multi-array laser diode technology

Aesthetically appealing

Contemporary aesthetic blends seamlessly with any decor

Powerful 3LCD technology

No more distracting “rainbowing effect” as it is taken care of by the powerful 3LCD technology that displays up to 100% of the RGB colour signal for every frame

Wireless casting Enables wireless casting of content directly from your compatible electronic device
Eco-friendly With its recyclable design, it is extremely eco-friendly

Hopefully, these insights and a breakdown of features will help you make an informed decision. And for any assistance or expert guidance, our team of experts are just a quick call or click away. All we look forward to is seeing you bring in an immersive big-screen experience to your couch!

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