How to Maximise Your Speaker's Life? A Quick Guide with Easy Tips

August 17, 2022
How to Maximise Your Speaker's Life? A Quick Guide with Easy Tips
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Did you know that your loudspeakers can run damage free for years? With the right care and maintenance, it is absolutely possible. Given that you spend so much time, effort and money choosing the right speakers, doesn’t it make sense to take good care of them and enjoy your returns on investments?

In this blogpost, we’re going to share quick and easy tips to make your speaker last a lifetime.

What you place your speakers on (or in) affects the sound quality to a huge extent.

Place them on a soft surface like a rug and some of the sound will be absorbed. Place them on an enclosed shelf and the sound gets hampered. It is recommended that you look for a hard flat surface. 

    Cut down the sound reflection off of walls and aim for symmetry of placement.

    Place your speakers away from the wall – ideally 2-3 feet if your chosen room  is spacious – and try to get them off the ground so they are ear height to the listener.

    Whenever possible, always opt for two speakers over one.

    L/R stereo divides sounds across two channels so that some elements are channelled to the left and others to the right. It is significant as the sound comes to your ears from all directions as it bounces off walls and objects. This adds frequency and tonal colour; a rich tapestry of slightly different sound quality that you can feel and hear. Our speakers are meticulously designed to stereo sync so you can enjoy true L/R stereo sound.

    Speakers are key components of your whole music system.

    Quality speakers have the power to boost the quality of your sound output to a remarkable extent. However, quality comes with a price tag; so when your expensive set of speakers or loudspeakers break down you regret not having taken good care of them. Keep them in a place where dust does not get inside the net of the speaker. Dust hits a major blow to the performance. It is recommended to use the vacuum cleaner to clean out the dust. You can use the blower to blow away the dust from inside; compressed air is preferable here.

    Ideally, put your player away from your speakers.

    Also, a dedicated wall shelf can considerably minimise vibrations that spread through wooden floors. Your cartridge should be properly aligned.

    Avoid keeping them on metals conducive to magnetism.

    you can use wooden materials to keep them, or any non magnetic one.

    The cable you use is as important as speaker positioning, so do not compromise.

    Thick wire (1.6 – 2.6mm) is recommended if you have to run a long cable as it helps minimise resistance. For shorter lengths you can cut down your expense by using thinner cables (1.3mm or less).
  • Ensure that there is adequate ventilation. It is the best way to maintain and boost your speakers' life. You can also keep fans near it to keep it cool even during the time of heavy performance.
  • Keep an uninterrupted power supply and voltage stabilisers to juice up your speakers, in the eventuality of a power blackout, lightning storms or unanticipated electrical surge.
  • A final word

    Hopefully these detailed instructions, advice and tips on how to enhance the life of the product can help you sort out a number of troubles and maximise your speakers’ life

    If you are still wondering about getting the subject matter advice in detail, our team of experts are just a click away! We will help you discover and buy the best.

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