Maybe it’s time to buy a 4K TV for your home theatre system

February 20, 2017
Maybe it’s time to buy a 4K TV for your home theatre system
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Samsung 4k TV for Home Theater System

In today’s home entertainment system, the TV is one of the most important components and quite literally a centre of attraction. Over the last few decades, display and TV technologies have evolved at a rapid pace. From chunky CRT TVs to flat-panel screens, television technology has come a long way.

Unlike many other pieces of electronics, most buyers consider the TV as a one-time long-term investment. Quite often, users who are looking to buy a new TV, settle for a model which may be outdated (end-of-life models). Over the last decade, most consumers across various markets have quickly switched to HDTVs and high-definition audio and video content. Among the mass user groups, TV’s with support for relatively older 720p or 1080p resolution support are readily available. So, where next?

4K seems to be the only and clear option here!

If you are in the process of upgrading your home theatre or gaming system, a 4K display will add a new realism to your viewing experience. With stunning contrasts and an ultra high resolution of 3840 px. × 2160 lines (i.e. 8.3 megapixels & aspect ratio 16:9), 4K UHD is the next direction in terms of display upgrades.

Why does a 4K-upgrade make sense?

Futureproofing: 4K is the future

Most smart tech-buyers understand the true benefits of future proofing in terms of hardware. In the years to come, 4K will become the gold standard in display technologies, the same way HDTVs did to older TVs and content too. It will happen gradually. However, if you're buying a TV that you plan to use for a long time, 4K makes the most amount of investment sense.

Lower prices of 4K technologies

Smart tech-buyers should also be aware that due to rise in demand, there has been a significant price reduction in 4K TVs in recent times. To add to this, many relatively unknown brands from across the globe are using the internet as a platform to directly sell 4K television bundled with 4K content to further disrupt markets, thereby slashing prices lower.

Taking the plunge is hassle free

Finally, smart buyers should know that making the transition is seamless in terms of other AV equipment such as AV receivers, switchers and speaker systems etc. HDMI and optical audio continue to be the go-to standard for both audio and video interfacing. Luckily for buyers, it doesn't show any signs of changing. Unlike the menacing SD to HD transition, users won't have to buy new accessories because of redundancy or incompatibility.

It would be naive to think that 4K is a display standard for a distant future. Before you know it, it will be the de facto technology of the present. Here’s to 4K UHD, looking forward to seeing you around!


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