Oobercool Gadget: Bluedio BS-3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

September 09, 2016
Oobercool Gadget: Bluedio BS-3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
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All about Bluedio BS-3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are a great way for music lovers to surround themselves with good music anywhere, anytime. The joys of listening to your favorite tunes is exhilarating. There are many models available in the market, including the ones from brands such as Sony and Bonpie. However, some of their models may not be easy on the pocket for some buyers. This is exactly what the Bluedio BS-3 portable Bluetooth speaker wants to challenge.

Bluedio has been consistently churning out some high-performance Bluetooth audio devices such as headphones, earphones, and speakers for some years now. The BS-3 is one such product from the Bluedio roster. This model is an upgrade to the Bluedio BS-2 speaker which has received rave reviews and is extremely popular with music lovers. The powerful 10W BS-3 speaker is aimed to carry on that legacy. Let’s have a closer look at the oober cool Bluedio BS-3 Bluetooth speaker.

Sound Quality

The Bluedio BS-3 delivers smooth reproduction of a full range of sound. Unlike many speakers in this form factor, it has well-rounded fuller tone and surprisingly superb bass response from a speaker of this size. The range of mids and highs are incredible and the overall clarity of the speaker is impressive. The Bluedio BS-3 incorporates innovative 3-magnet 50mm drivers for increased sensitivity and fidelity. Dual radiators along with a high resolution 24bit@48KHz and DSP processor that takes the music listening experience to a higher level. One of the most interesting and impressive features of the BS-3 is the 3D mode. At a click of a button, the spatial processing kicks in and fills the room with 3D surround effect that is aurally exciting.


The BS-3 is integrated with a Bluetooth 4.1 chipset that supports a many Bluetooth profiles including A2DP, HSP, AVRCP, HSP, and HFP. It easily connects to smartphones, laptops, MP3 players and any Bluetooth-enable audio devices. The speaker also has built-in microphones that lets you answer incoming calls on the connected devices. Bluetooth pairing to the BS-3 is quick and easy. It also features 3.5mm audio line-in for Aux connection and line-out to connect to other speakers. This nifty line-out features allows you to use the BS-3 as a Bluetooth audio receiver for your home theater or surround speaker. This speaker has a line-of-sight connectivity range of nearly 33ft (10m).

Design & Build Quality

Bluedio BS-3 Design & Build Quality

Bluedio has opted for a minimalist look that makes the BS-3 look premium. The outer body is made from high-grade ABS making it robust yet lightweight. The top panel consists of responsive buttons for 3D mode, volume control and for switching the BS-3 ON and OFF. On the bottom, large anti-slip rubber pad keep the speaker in place, which is a nice touch considering that the speaker has a good bass response. The build-quality is robust and BS-3 weighs less than 1 kg.

Battery Performance

Bluedio BS-3 is equipped with a high-endurance 3000 mAH Li-ion Polymer battery. Bluedio has leveraged Bluetooth 4.1 technology’s battery-saving prowess and an advanced circuit design to deliver 5 hours of music playback. As this is a portable speaker, having a great battery life is crucial, the BS-3 comes through even in this aspect. It can be fully charged via the supplied microUSB cable in 4-5 hours.

Why should you buy the Bluedio BS-3 Bluetooth speaker?

In its price category, very few speakers can match the performance and feature-set the BS-3 offers. It is a great speaker for music listening both indoors and outdoors. With a superior sound quality, an amazing 3D mode, and 5 hours of battery life, the Bluedio BS-3 makes a valuable selling proposition. We highly recommend you check out the Bluedio BS-3 portable Bluetooth speaker.

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