Ooberpad Recommends Top 5 Things To Gift For Father's Day

June 17, 2022
Ooberpad Recommends Top 5 Things To Gift For Father's Day
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Top 5 Things To Gift For Father's Day
It's tricky finding a one-of-a-kind gift for Dad year after year for Father's Day. But not anymore. 

Whether it is an immersive movie night experience with your dad or getting a playlist ready for your father who wants to become fit and healthy, we have stylishly finished and high-quality tech gadgets for your dad, your hero. 

Ooberpad recommends tech gifts that fit every dad and every budget!

Our guide to the best Father's Day gifts includes:

B&W Zeppelin
For the discerning dad with an eye for aesthetics and an ear for detail’ - Play off the fact that it both looks unique, thereby fitting in well with interiors, and has lots of audiophile features.

  • 2 tweeters, 2 woofers, 1 subwoofer
  • Audiophile grade audio quality in a well-designed, attractive form
  • Connectivity via bluetooth, airplay, or spotify connect
  • Up to 24 bit streaming from select services

This sleek looking speaker combines the high quality audio engineering that Bowers and Wilkins is famous for, within an attractive, modern enclosure. 

This allows it to either remain an unobtrusive part of the background, or serve as a centrepiece, depending on your needs. The 2 tweeters, 2 woofers and subwoofer provide a wide soundstage, and a tight, responsive bass that can get your foot tapping without being overpowering. 

The ability to stream 24 bit audio from services such as Deezer, Qobuz, and TIDAL is sure to satisfy even the most particular of audiophiles, and the various connectivity options such as bluetooth, airplay and spotify connect ensure maximum ease of operation. This beautiful synthesis of design and engineering is definitely a fantastic gift for fathers’ day.

For a no-nonsense, no-compromises way to listen to music on the go’ - Talk about ANC and ambient pass through as great features to have while commuting. Talk about the minimization of frustration due to long battery life and quick charging. Mention that there is no cost to sound due to large drivers that have been tuned by the B&W audio engineers

  • ANC, ambient pass through
  • Wear detection
  • 30 hours of playback, 5 hours on 15 min charge
  • Large 46.3mm drivers.

Whether it be a peaceful park; a noisy, crowded train; or the deep, rumbling sound of a plane about to take off, the auditory environment should not dictate when your bass besotted dad can and can’t listen to his favourite music. 

To this end, the B&W PX7 is likely the perfect choice, with highly effective active noise cancellation as well as ambient pass through, enabling users to keep the tunes running no matter the situation. The inbuilt wear detection ensures a seamless experience in case you do need to remove your headphones. 

The 30 hour battery that allows one to gain 5 hours after charging for 15 minutes does away with the irritation of charging constantly. All this comes with no compromise to the sound quality, as the PX7 includes large 46.3mm drivers that have been tuned by the audio engineers over at B&W. This fathers’ day, revel in your victory over the all-pervasive silence with your new constant companion - the Bowers and Wilkins PX7.

Shure AONIC 215 Gen 2
The AONIC is a true wireless set of earphones with active noise cancellation and ambient pass through. They have a secure over-ear fit, which makes them ideal for use while running or exercising.

  • True Wireless
  • ANC, ambient pass through
  • Over ear fit
  • IPX4
  • EQ Control through app

Perhaps the thought of listening to your music wherever you want appeals to you, but you know your dad will dislike the bulk and heft that comes with headphones. Or perhaps he wants something with a more secure fit, or he prefers the versatility of earphones. If any of these ring true, consider the Shure AONIC 215 Gen 2 as an alternative to the PX7s. 

B&W Formation Wedge
For a simple and scalable audiophile experience. Talk about how it’s an audiophile grade speaker on its own, and how it affords users the opportunity to scale up their systems in a quick and easy manner using formation.

  • 2 tweeters, 2 woofers, and 1 subwoofer
  • 35Hz to 28kHz frequency response range
  • B&W’s Formation technology
  • 96/24 audio quality

For a simple and scalable audiophile experience - The high-end audio world can be treacherous to navigate. Unfamiliar terminology and snake-oil salesmen abound, and the air is redolent of empty promises. 

Fortunately, the Bowers and Wilkins Formation cuts through all that, and gets to the heart of the matter - good quality sound. The Formation Wedge has 2 tweeters, 2 woofers, and 1 subwoofer. It boasts a frequency range of 35Hz to 28kHz, as well as support for 96/24 quality. 

These features lend themselves to a speaker with refined sound, awash in detail and clarity. Vocals and vocal texturing can be clearly heard, as can the differences in timbre between the various instruments. In addition to a fantastic sound, the support for multi-room integration offered by B&W’s formation technology makes the listening experience completely scalable. 

Perhaps the best part is that all of this can be achieved without complicated finagling with various settings. If your father is an audiophile without patience for wading through the dense jargon that the industry insists on surrounding itself in, a Bowers and Wilkins Formation Wedge is the correct choice for him.

Sonos Roam
For your outdoorsy old-man talk about how its design makes it uniquely suited for taking to various places, even with suboptimal environmental conditions. Talk about how despite its ruggedness, it can still sound the way you want to, with the EQ allowing you to fine-tune the sound signature you want.

  • Lightweight - 0.43kg
  • Voice assistant capabilities 
  • IP67 rated, humidity resistant
  • Adjustable EQ through the app

Hiking, camping, picnicking, and other such activities are all enjoyed by the archetypal dad, and what better way to enhance them than with some music? 

The most common objections to carrying a speaker around for such enterprises are the weight, and vulnerability to the elements. Almost as if in anticipation of these objections, Sonos designed the Roam - a humidity resistant, IP67 rated speaker that comes in at under 500 grams (430 grams to be precise). This speaker enables your dad to liven up the most monotonous outdoor activity, with little fear of damage to the speaker and negligible extra weight to lug around. This speaker is designed for ease of use, as evidenced by the presence of features such as support for voice assistant, and an app through which you can shape the sound of the speaker to your liking through the EQ.

Soundcast Melody
For a portable party experience without pause, you may very well find yourself in a situation where your lovingly put together home sound system with bone-rattling bass loud and enough volume to physically push people back if they get too close to the speakers is useless, because you need to leave your home for a party. 

Certainly, you could hire a small army of electricians, truckers and acoustics experts to move your system around as you please, but if that seems too inconvenient to you, we have the next best thing - the Soundcast Melody. 

  • Portable
  • Weather resistant w/ rubber port protector
  • Up to 20hrs of playtime
  • High power bi-amp 

With its relatively light weight, up to 20 hour battery life, and high power bi-amp, this speaker can easily fill up any environment with undulating waves of sound, and keep them going for a long time. It's even weather resistant with a rubber port protector, so you can keep the music going, come rain or shine. The next time your dad wants to blast the greatest hits from the ‘60s in  an unusual setting, why not get him a Soundcast Melody. 

It’s time to pick something exciting that will impress any gadget-loving dad on Father's Day.

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