Ooberpad unearths the legacy of SVS: The Rockstar of Speakers and Subs

August 08, 2019
The Rockstar of Speakers and Subs
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All about SVS speakers & Subwoofers

SVS is undoubtedly a brand that genuinely lives, breathes and loves great sound. This brand is celebrated worldwide for making truly immersive sound available to audio fans of all ages with all budgets and interests. “Budget” is a word which they are always seen taking very seriously. With their dedication to delivering impeccable music for people with a budget, SVS is on its way to becoming one of the disrupting speaker manufacturers in existence.

Having emerged over the last few years as one of the top “Bang-for-Your-Buck” audio brands out there, they don't consider themselves just a "budget" audio brand. They say that's just like a cherry on the top!

"We believe world-class audio experiences should be within everyone’s reach... with every new product, we strive to redefine audio performance for the price." - SVS

The Early Days

Based in Youngstown, Ohio, SVS was founded in 1998 by a group of audio loving engineers working out of their garage who felt that customers were paying too much for lacklustre subwoofer performance. The SVS design approach involves a fusion of sophisticated technology, precision engineering, exhaustive lab and real-world testing, and a deep personal passion for audio excellence, all brought to life by a top-notch acoustic engineering team.

From the coherent soundstage and pinpoint imaging, superb detail and sonic transparency of reference-grade SVS loudspeakers to the effortless power, sonic low-frequency extension, chest-thumping slam and pinpoint accuracy of their subwoofers, award-winning SVS products guarantee an expectation-shattering audio experience. (Oh, and that guarantee also comes with a 5-year unconditional warranty)

The secret to their immersive sound quality is revealed!

The SVS team has always taken immense pride in showcasing its thankfulness to the President of the brand, Gary Yacoubian. They say that the growth of SVS has a lot to do with where Gary comes from, and of course his vision.

Gary Gomes

Gary was once asked...

What is your personal connection to audio and sound quality?

Music has been my passion literally since before I could talk, or at least so that has been reported to me by my parents. I also go to dozens of concerts and IMAX movies a year just to keep in touch with the immediacy of the live experience to make sure our speakers and subwoofers can capture as much of that as possible. A love of great sound has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember and now I get to make awesome audio products that connect people to the music and movies they (and I) love. Plus, I get to talk directly to the folks who enjoy our products. How cool is that?

We also stumbled across an interview where Yacoubian talked with i3 about enhancing the audio experience. Here is an excerpt from it, which will demystify the burning question that audiophiles over the world have been wanting to ask:

What makes SVS speakers special?

The first thing when you think of SVS is that our products sound amazing and they are very affordable relative to the performance that you get. I have painted a picture of us being a disruptive brand but the reality is we are also embraced by the audiophile community. Our vision for our products is that typically the audiophile needs to choose between what is in their budget and a speaker that is refined and accurate and create what we call a soundstage where you can visually almost see where the sound is coming from. But you may be forced in your price range to give up on dynamics, bass and low-frequency extension type of impact. We try to provide a total experience with our products where you can have your cake and eat it too. We are refined, accurate and musical but we also are fun, exciting and impactful and have great low-frequencies. The end result for the listener is that they sound great with music and they sound very believable with movies – you can get both experiences and that is an important hallmark of SVS.

-Gary Yacoubian (CEO, SVS)

Interesting facts about the CEO which contribute to the success of SVS till date!

Interesting facts about the SVS CEO

Jack of all trades, master of all too! - Gary’s leadership is critical to all aspects of product development, engineering, customer service, operations, marketing and sales.

Social Media is in his DNA - A fierce proponent of accountability and the customer-first mentality, Gary interacts with SVS dealers, owners and potential customers every day through social media, email and other channels.

Not many can do this - Gary has been featured as a commentator on local Washington, DC television news programs, and has been frequently quoted in The Washington Post and Washingtonian magazine on consumer electronics topics, as well as in numerous industry trade magazines. He also has a regular column in Dealerscope Magazine.

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