Quick look at mini projectors and how to buy one

December 30, 2016
Quick look at mini projectors and how to buy one
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Tips to buy mini projectors

The size of mini projectors is shrinking, so is the price. More users are opting to have this projector especially to watch live events and games with friends and family. You can also use portable projectors for your home theatre, office, classroom, and boardroom.

You can choose from a plethora of mini projectors in India. One of these projectors is the compact Vivitek Qumi Q5. It produces sharp and bright images, good enough for all presentations and home theatre applications.

Many mini projectors have HDMI capability, which lets them connect to DVD players, laptops, and Android media player etc. They are also often called pocket projectors. Given their size, the features and performance of this projectors are rather impressive.

Pocket projectors were originally battery powered. However, today, we are more likely to see this projectors with an external battery pack or power supply. Most portable projectors today are now sporting 100+ lumens, therefore requiring AC power. However, they then also have the capability of doing small group presentations of rather reasonable quality, which the smaller, dimmer pico projectors can’t yet claim.

Features of mini projectors:

Most projectors today sport 1000+ lumens of brightness. The Qumi Q5 stands out in this respect with a brightness of 500 lumens. Most pocket projectors boast several unique features. Some of these features are:
  • Compact, small and portable
  • Brightness: 100-300+ lumens
  • Offering up to WXGA resolution
  • LED lamp for brightness and durability
  • AC power with external PSU
  • Built-in wired and wireless connectivity options
Many pocket projectors boast a number of these features. They are the perfect device to share videos or pictures with friends and are equally at home in the business environment.

So, now you know more about mini projectors in India. They are available at the right price and in a variety of sizes and features to suit every budget and applications. If you're looking to buy a portable projector, do have a look at Ooberpad and pick the one that's best for you.

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