Top 5 Bookshelf Speakers for 2021 in India to Watch Out for

January 18, 2021
Top 5 Bookshelf Speakers for 2021 in India to Watch Out for
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Top 5 Bookshelf Speakers for 2021

Huge and expensive floor-standing speakers are undoubtedly meaty and pack a punch, but due to budget and room space, these may not make a foray into everyone’s home audio setup.

But that doesn’t mean that you toss out the idea of an amazing listening experience out of the window. Enter the cost-efficient bookshelf or stand mount speakers, that offer an exciting balance between size and performance.

Now saying that we have curated a list of truly the best bookshelf speakers for 2021 for you, may sound like a tall claim. After all, no one size fits all, and ultimately it all boils down to personal preferences, requirements, and even certain constraints.

Nevertheless, we have tried compiling the best that we consider could be the beating heart of your next house party, and something that offers great bang-for-your-buck.

Here is the no-BS guide to bookshelf speakers that strike a fine balance between audio quality and size.

Top 5 recommendations for the best bookshelf speakers for 2021

1. B&W 606 S2 Aniversary Addition

B&W 606 S2 Aniversary Addition Bookshelf Speaker

The power-packed 606 S2 Anniversary Edition takes the award-winning 606 formula and hones it to a whole new level. The seventh generation of the globally renowned 600 Series stand-mount speaker is an impressive blend of size and power.

By complementing the Continuum cone and Decoupled Double-dome tweeter with an enhanced cross-over design and an elegant finish, B&W 606 S2 presents itself as a delightful treat to the audiophiles. These bookshelf speakers pack a punch with sterling sound and are perfect for medium to large-sized spaces. With their judicious selection of components, they offer great insight into music and high aesthetic value.

The highlight: Celebratory cosmetic changes

2. Focal Chora 806

The Chora 806 bookshelf speaker is a taste of high-end audio.

The sleek, contemporary two-way design of Focal Chora 806 would blend seamlessly into any decor, in any living space. The French audio maker Focal enthrals the sound enthusiasts with the right sonic punch and a down-to-earth price. They boast solid build quality and include two sets of silicone dots for tabletop placement.

This high-performance bookshelf speaker has an inverted dome tweeter that sits behind an exposed, perforated metal cover and the front-firing port is prominently visible. Focal uses beryllium on its flagship speakers, which is unarguably the most top-of-the-line tweeter material available.

The highlight: Detail and clarity are truly class-leading

3. Elac B6.2

Awesome speakers at a great price that impress with killer sound. Elac B6.2 Debut 2.0 Bookshelf Speakers project music very well along with superb bass and fantastic treble.

Designed by Andrew Jones, who is a world-renowned speaker engineer known for his brilliant speaker designs, they easily go on to beat other speakers twice the price, when it comes to performance. Even when it comes to the dense recordings, these extraordinary bookshelf speakers retain a remarkable amount of clarity.

One great advantage that gives it a cut above the rest of its competitors is the position of the bass port. Usually, it is at the back of the cabinet, but since their design feature has the bass port placed at the front, it offers the option of placing them closer to a rear wall. A convenient feature for those with limited space in their home.

The highlight: Offers an amazing level of flexibility in placement

4. Monitor Audio Bronze 100

Monitor Audio Bronze 100 Bookshelf Speaker

Looking for dollops of bass? Look no further than the punchy and dynamic Monitor Audio Bronze 100.

They come in significantly bigger boxes than their predecessors, which may not sit well with those who have limited space or are looking for something that blends more subtly with the home decor. But if we were to overlook this one inconvenience, the Bronze 100 speakers offer a sound that matters and impresses beyond doubt. A step up from Monitor Audio Bronze 50, it has technical improvements that lead to deeper, fuller sound and a clean presentation.

Available in four finishes (White, Walnut, Urban Grey, and Black), and matching cloth-covered magnetic grille, Bronze 100 has a robust build and offers the amazing ability to integrate the high, mid, and low-frequency spectrums.

The highlight: All-rounders that work well with a wide array of musical tastes

5. Q Acoustics 3030i

These bookshelf speakers from Q Acoustics deliver poised and bassy sound. The compact design packs a punch with a custom design stand that’s best-fit for perfect placement and stability.

The latest technological advances include low 46kHz response for controlled bass, and P2P computer-aided bracing that cut out cabinet-borne resonances, and produce a clean sound. It is capable of prodigious low-frequency presence, and the 22mm tweeter above it is decoupled - isolated from the mid/bass driver vibrations. It comes in four contemporary finishes: Graphite Grey, Arctic White, English Walnut or Carbon Black - take your pick!

The highlight: This stand mount speaker has leading technology for the most open soundstage

It’s a wrap from Team Ooberpad!

Ultimately, every ear demands differently. We hope that this round-up offers an informative breakdown for the top five bookshelf speakers for 2021 in India. It's hard to be indifferent to new launches around the corner, and we hope this specially curated guide (with some worthy contenders) turns out to be helpful for you.

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