What Are The Ways To Protect AV Equipment In Monsoon?

July 14, 2022
What Are The Ways To Protect AV Equipment In Monsoon?
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The most anticipated monsoons have arrived. Did you ever think of preventive measures to protect your AV equipment? Look no further. We have curated some expert tips to help you safeguard your sensitive AV equipment during monsoon. 

In this guide, we will not only share the problems but also the preventive measures for the AV equipment and how to take care of them.

AV Equipment problems to look out for in the monsoon:

Patch images on the screen: Consequently due to a lot of moisture in the surroundings it can lead to the patchy images and your image quality will be degraded.

Visible Mould or Fungus: Mould or Fungus are unexpected invited guests during monsoon season. If this is visible on the equipment we suggest to keep it in dry places.

Electrical leakage in some devices: This situation occurs due to some earthing problems or some grounding electrical points. You should be aware that water formed due to moisture can lead to  electrical shocks.
Electrical leakage in some devices
Non-consistent performance:- In this season you will notice some electronic items can get downrated and may cause failure in the internal components such as capacitors.

Corroded ports:-  In this condition the surfaces of sockets and plugs can be corroded in high humidity. Because of this, it can supply good electrical contact that affects the system performance.
Corroded ports

Some easy steps to protect the AV equipment:

Get some help with silica gel packs and dehumidifiers: Do keep dehumidifiers which can reduce and also maintain the humidity in the air, Or go with some silica gel packs and put them near  the ventilation inlets.
Silica gel packs and dehumidifiers

Regular use of electronic equipment in monsoon:- Use the AV equipment at least for half an hour and don’t keep it unused in monsoon if we keep it in use the equipment would run properly.

Ensure the electronic equipment is grounded properly:- This is an important part of the order and it should not be damaged by high order current.

Dust free ports and cables :-  We should wipe down some electronic components and ports frequently so that it will not catch the moisture and dust  on it.

Ensure that expensive equipment is air-conditioned:- If the equipment is kept in this  environment there is less chance of getting humidity and dust on the product.

Bottom line

Now you know how AV equipment runs the risk of getting damaged in the monsoon,we hope you implement these tips and make your AV equipment damage-free and happy-monsoon. Reach out to our experts at Ooberpad.

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