What should you go for? A TV Mount or an Entertainment Centre

May 31, 2017
What should you go for? A TV Mount or an Entertainment Centre
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TV Mount or an Entertainment Centre

In today’s modern scenario, most of us a crunched for space in our apartments. Quite often, it boils down to choosing between comfort and luxury against functionality. You come across this scenario especially when you have purchased a new and possibly bigger TV for your home entertainment system.

Either way, a new TV may mean figuring out a new setup. Should you get a new entertainment centre or mount the TV on the wall? When deciding between having your television wall-mounted or nestled comfortably in an entertainment centre, there are some important aspects to consider. This blog-cum-guide by Ooberpad describes the pros and cons of each option, and give you the necessary knowledge to choose the right TV mounting option for your home theatre system.

Pros and Cons of Entertainment Centres

Pros of Entertainment Centres:

Aesthetically pleasing

A step up from old-fashioned TV stands, entertainment centres are attractive pieces of furniture that bring your living room together, make a design statement and even reflect your personal style. They are not only stylish but functional with many variants featuring grooves and holes for inconspicuous wire runs.

Plenty of storage options

Entertainment centres tend to be large pieces of furniture, so they can offer convenient storage for your media, AV equipment, decor, books, and much more.

Cons of Entertainment Centres:

Child safety

TVs placed on entertainment centres usually have no additional support. This means they are prone to tipping over. Children are at a higher risk for climbing onto furniture and accidentally dropping the TV. Entertainment centres and TVs should be fastened to the wall to prevent tipping.

Not suitable for many environments

Entertainment centres don't work well if you don't have enough space or the right room configuration. They work best in living rooms that have a dedicated television wall.

Limited viewing angle and height

Entertainment centres are static pieces of furniture. To optimise the viewing height of your TV, you will either need to add height to the entertainment centre or you will have to mount the TV to the wall. TVs on top of entertainment centres have limited mobility options, making it a challenge in smaller room sizes.

In a nutshell, an entertainment centre might be a better choice if you require plenty of storage, have ample space and if you have one clear spot to install the television.

Pros and Cons of TV Mounts

In comparison to the entertainment centre, TV mounts are newer options to install TV. Wall mounted TVs are becoming increasingly popular thanks to its flexibility and functionality. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of TV mounts. 

Pros of TV Mounts:


You can use TV mounts them with existing entertainment centres. With a TV mount, you have more freedom deciding what furniture to use, as you don't have to worry about the correct viewing height.

Minimalist and modern

TV mounts are a stylish choice for a minimal look or a practical choice, for rooms with limited space for extra furniture.

Child safety

With the TV mounted to the wall, it's beyond the reach of your kids or pets. This can avoid many accidents.

Added placement options

Since you can use a TV mount with or without furniture, you have more options to rearrange as required. You are not stuck with an entertainment centre that only fits on one wall. Switch the furniture around or mount your TV somewhere else. TVs can be mounted virtually anywhere you wish.

Superior mobility & viewing angles

Many TV mounts support tilting, ideal for places with a lower seating profile. As the TV is wall mounted, users can easily choose the optimal viewing angle and height as required.

Cons of TV Mounts:

No storage

Obviously, TV mounts have no storage options. You would need to make provisions to place your other home theatre electronics such as Blu-ray players, AV receivers, soundbars and other AV components.

Hiding the wires

One of the main reasons people hesitate to buy a TV mount is that they don't know what to do with the wiring. Quite often, TVs mounted on the wall have messy cables jutting out, ruining the aesthetic quotient of your TV installation.

To wrap things up, TV mounts are definitely a great choice if you have small children, if you have limited space, if you don't need extra storage or if you want total freedom for placement and viewing angles.

We hope you liked this blog-cum-guide between TV Mounts or Entertainment Centres for your home theatre setup. Do use the comment section below to share your thoughts and opinions on this.

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