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Ceiling Speakers - Add Aesthetically Pleasing Sound to Your Home

Ceiling speaker systems are designed to be a permanent audio solution that will provide you with excellent sound for several years. They add high-quality music to your home while seamlessly blending perfectly with your decor. Besides, they save countertop space, significantly.

Ceiling speakers transmit beautifully detailed music from above and boost the surround sound of your speakers.

Most theatres use them to add to the surround sound experience. While installing speakers, it’s critical you’ve chosen the right quality of speakers as well as thought about how to set them up.

What are the Different Types of Ceiling Speakers?

Passive Mono Ceiling Speakers

The most common type of ceiling speakers, where Mono means that you’ll need two for stereo applications, one for the left channel and one for the right.

Passive Stereo Ceiling Speakers

These have two tweeters, one for the left audio channel and one for the right audio channel. It’s the best fit for smaller rooms.

Active Ceiling Speakers

These are hugely popular and combine Bluetooth or WiFi amplifiers built onto the back of a high-quality ceiling speaker. They are both user-friendly and easy to install.

Active Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

Here’s the best option for kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. They feature a built-in amplifier and Bluetooth receiver. They require a power supply from the lighting or power circuit. They stay in an ultra-low power state until you connect your smartphone or tablet to play your favourite track.

How Many Ceiling Speakers do You Need in a Room?

Usually, ceiling speakers are sold in pairs, with the purpose of setting them up as a left and right stereo pair. Consistency of sound is important. That’s why, for larger spaces, to balance audio levels better, it is sensible to add 4 smaller speakers rather than 2 larger speakers.

Also, it’s key to remember that to install ceiling speakers, you should have access behind the walls/ceilings to wire the speaker cable.

Where and How to Position The Ceiling Speakers?

It is best to position the ceiling speakers at an equal distance apart from each wall, along the length of the room and at least 2 metres away from each other for the best stereo separation effect.

If the speakers will be less than 2 metres away from each other, you may wish to consider a single stereo ceiling speaker, positioned in the middle of the room's ceiling.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can Ceiling Speakers be returned?

A. It is unlikely that when you buy a ceiling speaker system from us, your item received is damaged, incorrect or faulty, however, if you are not happy with your ceiling speakers, you can return all or part of your order and exchange or upgrade to a different product. You could also return for a full refund, subject to our company’s terms and conditions or you get a store credit.

Q. What are the shipping options for Ceiling Speakers?

A. You can shop for free shipping eligible on Ceiling Speakers at Ooberpad.

Q. How far apart should I install my ceiling speakers?

A. Ideally, ceiling-mounted speakers should be installed at least 18 inches away from the wall, and as far apart as you'd have speakers on your sound system. Ensure they are no closer than two meters to each other.

Q. How many ceiling speakers can connect to one amp?

A. Most amplifiers are equipped to handle the load of two speakers. However, adding more than two speakers will normally overload the amplifier.

Q. Can I install ceiling speakers myself?

A. A do-it-yourself in-wall & in-ceiling speaker set-up for your home theatre system is relatively simple with the right tools and guide. Feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of installing ceiling speakers? Our experts at Ooberpad can give you expert guidance on setting up home theatre ceiling speakers.

Q. How many ceiling speakers do I need?

A. It’s recommended that for rooms that are larger than 3 metres x 3 metres, you use one pair of ceiling speakers, and for rooms bigger than 5 metres x 5 metres two or three pairs of ceiling speakers work best for a more balanced sound.

Q. Are ceiling speakers any good?

A. If you value sound quality in your home theatre, then consider investing in good speakers. Ceiling speakers for home, can save you floor space and prevent wire clutter if you're prepared to bear the extra hassle of setting them.

VIDEO: Importance of Ceiling Speakers

Most of us have seen or heard ceiling speakers in commercial spaces like malls, and hotel lobbies etc. But now, ceiling speakers have made their way into home theater systems. Many of our customers often have queries about this trend. In this video we’re looking at the importance of ceiling speakers and their place in home theater systems.