SVS PB-2000 Powered Subwoofer (Black Ash)

₹ 115,000.00

Ooberpad brings to you the SVS PB-2000 - a high-fidelity powered subwoofer for home theatre systems. With this subwoofer, you can enjoy a room-shaking bass output and whopping low frequency as low as 17 Hz.

The SVS PB-2000 incorporates a massive 12” long-throw driver in a front-firing position that is made from dual high-grade ferrite magnets, FEA-optimized motor, and a reinforced Nomex spider. The woofer is driven by a powerful 500 W (RMS) / 1,100 W (Peak) Sledge STA-500D DSP class D power amplifier. The result of this combination chest-thumping bass that makes its presence felt in the room.

The subwoofer features a front-firing 4” high-flow port with inner/outer port flares that not only enhances the bass output but also lets you place it close to walls without any compromise in sound. An array of crossover filters, volume, gain, and phase controls lets you fine-tune the performance based on your preferences. You can use the SVS PB-2000 subwoofer as part of a stereo or a multi-channel setup by pairing with other speakers. Brace yourself for a gut-shaking bass performance in your movies, music, TV shows, and gaming sessions.


5-years manufacturer's warranty

Key Features:

  • High-fidelity powered subwoofer from SVS sound
  • Sports a massive 12” long-throw driver in front-firing position
  • Driven by a 500 W (RMS) / 1,100 W (Peak) Sledge STA-500D DSP class D power amplifier
  • Front-firing 4” high-flow port for deeper bass & placement close to walls
  • Features crossover filters, volume, gain, and phase controls for fine-tuning
  • Stereo line-level RCA Input & Output connections.
  • Robust MDF cabinet construction with black ash woodgrain vinyl finish
  • Frequency response between 17-260 Hz (±3 dB)
  • Protective non-resonant removable steel mesh grille, screw-in rubber feet and interchangeable top cap

Benefits of SVS PB-2000 Powered Subwoofer: 

Massive 12” high-excursion woofer driver from SVS

At the heart of the SVS PB-2000 ported box subwoofer is a newly engineered 12-inch 2000-series driver with dual high-grade ferrite magnets and FEA-optimized motor for nearly distortion-free performance. A reinforced Nomex spider was integrated for improved linearity and driver control, especially important when the STA-500D amp is pushing the subwoofers to their maximum output levels. To ensure the PB-2000 can withstand punishing output levels long into the future, the driver also features a durable low-creep rubber long-throw surround and integrated tinsel leads to maximize longevity.

Powerful and efficient Sledge STA-500D Amplifier


The PB-2000 Subwoofer’s Sledge STA-500D DSP amplifier features specs and features normally found in subwoofers costing two or three times as much. A high-rated 500 W (RMS) / 1,100 W (Peak) Sledge STA-500D DSP class D power amplifier has brains to match its brawn. A sophisticated DSP in the amplifier includes an array of filters and volume, gain, and phase controls for fine-tuning performance. The innovations don’t stop there though. A frequency-dependent limiter/compressor algorithm with adjustable attack/release and compression parameters offers the ultimate in refined behaviour at the drive limits of the subwoofer system.

Deepest low-frequency response  

The SVS PB-2000 Powered Subwoofer boasts of a frequency response of 17-260 Hz +/- 3 dB. You can expect 2-3 Hz deeper extension in small to mid-sized rooms. Brace yourself for a gut-shaking bass performance in your movies, music, TV shows, and gaming sessions.

Where to buy?
Buy the SVS PB-2000 Powered Subwoofer (Black Ash) online at the best price in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and all across India. Enjoy expert, prompt and courteous customer service from the Ooberpad team. We will help you choose better and give you all the support you need to take the right buying decision in India.

Technical Specifications of SVS PB-2000 Powered Subwoofer:

Brand & Model # SVS PB-2000 Subwoofer
Enclosure Type Ported
Frequency Response
17-260 Hz ± 3 dB (2-meter ground plane, quasi-anechoic)
Front-firing 12" driver.
Voice Coil Diameter
2” diameter, high-power voice coil
Output Power
RMS: 500 W 
Peak: 1100 W
Volume, phase, low-pass filter, auto/standby/on switch, main power switch
1x 1/8" (3.5 mm) 3 to 12 V trigger input 
1x RCA line level / LFE input pair 
1x RCA line level output pair
Input Impedance
Unbalanced Line-Level RCA: 47 kOhms
Cabinet Construction
Grille Material
Non-resonant steel mesh
Standby Power Consumption
<0.5 W
Power Requirements
110 VAC
Dimensions (W x H x D)
20.5" x 17.3" x 22" inches
52 x 44 x 56 cm
65.6 lbs., 29.8 kgs.

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