Best Tower Speaker Prices - Uses, Functions, Installation, List - A Quick Guide

October 19, 2022
Best Tower Speaker Prices - Uses, Functions, Installation, List - A Quick Guide
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Floorstanding Speakers

A superior quality TV would require an equally superior quality sound system to pack a hefty punch with the most engaging and immersive cinematic and musical experience. Tower speakers are a staple for music lovers, mainly because of their adaptability and capacity for high frequencies. They offer a better overall sound quality.

What are Tower Speakers and Its Uses?

Tower speakers, also commonly referred to as floor standing speakers, are aesthetically pleasing and powerful audio systems that can take your aural experience at home or in your room to a whole new level. A smart addition to your sound system. 

Uses of Best tower speakers to ensure superb home entertainment experience

Tower speakers deserve far more attention than they are credited to in the audio segment. 

Their high-utility, versatile applications make them a significant household music accessory. Whether it is family gatherings, karaoke nights, or the experience of enhanced audio, tower speakers go a long way in enhancing your music, movies, TV shows, and gaming sessions.

An audiophile would never want to settle for anything less than a perfect set of floor standing tower speakers that reproduce the full range of sound with stunning quality, clarity, and smoothness. 

That answers the question that most home entertainment enthusiasts ask, “are tower speakers good for home theatres?” 

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What are the key functions of tower speakers?

Since all music is recorded in stereo, they are reproduced best with two channels. A tower speaker is equipped with two left and right channels. Each individual channel usually has 2-3 drivers in them to reproduce various frequencies. 

Ideally, the tower speaker should have at least 3 drivers in each channel; subwoofer for low frequency, a speaker for mid frequency range and a tweeter for high frequency range. These drivers ensure that each spectrum of the sound is reproduced to the best of the capacity.

The speakers with built-in crossovers or filters will sound better, it divides the frequency information and sends it to the corresponding speaker and subwoofer. Full range of frequency response will make sure that the speaker is capable of reproducing all the frequency in any audio track.

Top 3 tips for installing tower speakers

  • To enjoy the tower speaker to the fullest, make sure they are installed properly. 
  • The tweeter should be pointed towards listeners and at the ear level and on a sturdy base to eliminate any vibrations.
  • Ideally they should be installed at least 1.5-2 ft away from any walls, specially on the bass port side. The distance between tower speaker left and right channel should be as much as the distance between the speaker and the listener, to ensure that the sound stage is pleasant.

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What are the best tower speaker prices online in India?

Looking for the best tower speakers to check out. Don’t splash the cash yet, before checking out the best tower prices here. 

We are here to help with our recommendations for the top 5 tower speakers and the price list




Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) 804 D4 Floorstanding Speaker

Diamond tweeter, Solid body Tweeter-on-Top, Continuum cone FST, Anti-Resonance plug, Biomimetic Suspension, Turbine Head, Matrix, Aerofoil cone bass units, Flowport


Sonus faber Olympica Nova II Floorstanding Speaker

3 way, full para-aperiodic vented box “Stealth Ultraflex”, stand mount loudspeaker system


Definitive Technology D15 Demand Series High-Performance Tower Speaker

Delivers smoother high-frequency reproduction and three-dimensional imaging from the most technically advanced and aesthetically crafted premium tower speaker


Fyne Audio F501 Floorstanding Speaker

Point Source Technology, Timeless Design, Effortless Performance, Perfect Room Integration


Elac DEBUT 2.0 F6.2 Floorstanding Home Theater Speaker

3-way bass reflex floorstanding loudspeaker system, 3 x 6.5” custom-designed woofer with aramid fibre cone


Hopefully, this guide will help you to understand how to match top-notch picture quality with equal audio performance with tower speakers and instantly supercharge your hi-fi system.

We are assuming if you have read so far, you must have already braced yourself to explore our carefully curated, budget to premium collection of tower speakers. Also, you can now find home theatre tower price and the (fast becoming popular) bluetooth tower speaker price details among several other tower speakers options on Ooberpad, so nothing comes between you and your favourite music tracks. Get the party started!

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