Crestron GLPP-1DIMFLV2CN-PM Green Light Power Pack, 2-Channel 0-10V Dimmer w/Cresnet and Built-in Power Monitoring

₹ 19,091.00

The Crestron GLPP-1DIMFLV2CN-PM Green Light Power Pack is a room controller designed to communicate with photocells, occupancy sensors, and control stations to automatically control lighting in any room. The entire Power Pack family provides cost-effective and powerful lighting control for classrooms, small offices, and open-plan offices. Ideal for new construction as well as retrofitting existing buildings, Power Packs are designed to install and commission quickly and easily. The Green Light Power Pack connects to a central control system, making it an integral part of the building energy management system.

1-year manufacturer's warranty

Key Features:

  • Standalone room controller
  • Works in 120-277VAC systems
  • Ideal for new construction or retrofits
  • Wired or wireless link to central Crestron system

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