Kramer BC-3X2T7S 14 Conductor Presentation/VGA Bulk Cable

₹ 30,454.00

Kramer’s BC-3X2T7S is a high-resolution multi-conductor containing 3 mini coaxes, 2 shielded pairs, and 7 single strands. It is the most common type of cable used for construction of 15-pin HD (VGA/UXGA) cables.

1-year manufacturer warranty

Key Features:

  • Quality Construction — Each coax has a 26AWG center conductor and dual shield design consisting of copper braid and aluminum Mylar foil. Rugged and flexible jacket with internal rip cord and sequential markings every meter. Coax dielectrics are color–coded red, green, blue.
  • High Resolution — Supports higher resolution and longer distances than 28AWG versions.
  • Length — Available in reels of 100m (328ft).


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