Lucido Active HDMI Cable 20 Meter with Inbuilt Signal Amplification

by Lucido
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Country of Origin: China

On occasions where you need to send an HDMI signal over a longer distance, or where interference from power lines is a concern, an active HDMI cable makes a world of difference.

This 20 meter gold-plated Active HDMI cable comes with inbuilt signal amplification which ensures that image quality is not compromised.  The cable is constructed with high-quality materials, such as copper wire and aluminium shielding, and is an HDMI/HDCP compliant cable.

Key Features:

- Reliable signal transmission over larger distances using the in-built active signal processing IC chip. 
- The active signal processing IC chip is built into the HDMI connector 
- Connect sources like Blu-ray players, PS4, PS3, XBox One, Xbox 360, Apple TV, laptops, desktops and other   HDMI-enabled devices to TVs, displays, projectors, A/V receivers and so on
- Unidirectional cable - the "Source" end connects to any of the sources mentioned above, whereas the  "Display" end connects to the display device - such as Projector or Flat Display. 
- Supports a resolution of 4k @ 30 Hz (3840x2160) and HDMI ver 1.4
- This is a Male-Male cable and an HDMI Type A cable
- Consolidation of HD video, audio, and data in a single cable
- Cables have gold-plated contacts
- Cables consist of copper wire construction

1-year manufacturer's warranty

Benefits of Lucido HDMI Cable 20 meter with Inbuilt Signal Amplification:

Active HDMI cable
Reliable signal transmission over larger distances using the in-built active signal processing IC chip. There is no need for external power for the in-built active signal processing IC chip as it is driven by the 5V DC signal carried over the HDMI cable.

Easier to pull through conduits and walls
The active signal processing IC chip is built into the HDMI connector itself, making it easier to pull thru conduits and raceways

4k @ 30 Hz (3840x2160)
This Lucido HDMI cable supports a resolution of 4K @ 30 Hz, with a resolution range of 3840x2160.

Supports Multimedia with High Quality Signal Transfering
It supports Multimedia with High Quality Signal Transfering, and is suitable for PC, Laptop, Game Consoles, STP and Computer Transfer Devices to Screens,TV, Projector, and so on. It's a necessary product for home theater.

HDMI/HDCP compliant
These cables are HDMI/HDCP compliant and support HDMI 1.4 version with excellent signal transfer performance and exquisite workmanship. It also supports transfer of uncompressed video.

Rapid Signal Transfer
It comes with inbuilt signal amplification enabling rapid signal transfer.

Construction of the cables
These cables consist of copper wire construction. These cables also have gold-plated contacts.  

Check the markings i:e "Source" and "Display" on the connector before making the connections. Connecting the cable backwards will not damage anything, however the system will just not work properly.

Use only one Active HDMI cable in a single cable run.

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Technical Specifications:

Brand                                                          Lucido                                                       
Cable type

Active HDMI 1.4v with in-built active signal processing IC chip

Cable length 20m
Gender Male-Male
Cable Format Type A HDMI-Type A HDMI
Contacts Gold Plated
Resolution 4k @ 30 Hz (3840x2160)
Voltage 30V
Pair Impedance 100±10Ω(TDR)
Signal Type HDMI/HDCP
Materials Conductors: CopperDrain wire: Copper Shielding: Aluminum and Al-mg alloy wire, Jacket: PVC Housing: Aluminum
Conductor Gauge 26AWG
Cable outer diameter 8.0 mm
Temperature rating Minimum: -20 °CMaximum: 75 °C

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