Lutron Grafik Eye GRX-CI-RS232 Control Interface

₹ 46,363.00

Integrates a GRAFIK Eye® Lighting and Shade Control System with a touchscreen, PC, or other digital equipment that supports RS232 communication.

1-year manufacturer warranty

Key Features:

  • Grafik Eye Interface - Integrates Grafik Eye control units with a PC or A/V equipment
  • Provides monitoring commands that allow a touchscreen or PC to query Grafik Eye Control Units
  • Raise or lower one or more zones
  • select or sequence lighting scenes
  • 12-24 V
  • PELV (Class 2)
  • Touch screens using RS232 serial communication
  • Use with Grafik Eye GRX-3100, GRX-3500, GXI Integrale and GB0-3100 B&O series
  • Connect 1 devices for each Grafik Eye network

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