MSB Technology The Premier Headphone Amplifier

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Country of Origin: Usa

After several years of headphone amp design experience, listener feedback and numerous prototypes, MSB Technology enthusiastically introduces the Premier Headphone Amplifier. Guided by MSB's design principles,  a ideal balance of quality, functionality and aesthetic appeal is achieved. When paired with the world-class Premier or Discrete DAC, you can experience the finest digital audio on a widely supported variety of cutting-edge headphones. 


1-year manufacturer's warranty

Key Features:

  • The Premier Headphone Amplifier
  • CNC billet chassis 
  • Analog bypass
  • Anodized finish

          Benefits of MSB Technology The Premier Headphone Amplifier:

          Dynamic Performance
          Dynamic performance

          High-resolution audio sources shine with our fully balanced architecture, ultra-low noise floor and impedance matched circuit topology. The Premier Headphone amplifier maintains this balanced topology from the input’s origin all the way to its 4-pin XLR output. If single-ended headphones are being used, it automatically reconfigures itself when the ¼” jack is inserted. Experience balanced or single-ended headphones without compromising either one’s performance.

          Your headphones. Your system. Your choice.
          Your headphones. Your system. Your choice.

          The rugged class A amplifier utilizes a unique Zero Negative feedback, high-voltage, current mode circuit that is load independent. The amplifier automatically adjusts to the load that it’s driving without affecting its stability or sound quality. The amp supports headphones that are spec’d from Mega-Ohms down to a fraction of an ohm. From power hungry planar magnetics to efficient IEM’s, nearly all dynamic headphones are optimally driven. Boasting 134dBA of dynamic range and a high-power class A design, the Premier Headphone Amp easily performs the softest background ambiance to the most explosive crescendos.

          CNC billet chassis

          Machined in-house, the sleek unibody chassis allowed us to evenly dissipate heat with an astounding 12,000 in2 (7.75 m2) of heatsink area. With powerful class A amplification, advanced thermal design becomes critical for component longevity and long-term performance.

          Power and Shielding

          The Premier Headphone Amp is powered by a custom wound, ultra low-noise, and shielded transformer. To mitigate the effects of residual stray magnetic fields, it’s housed in a CNC machined pocket lined with additional mu-metal shielding. The custom made Lundahl output transformers are also installed in individual machined cavities and located as far from any sensitive input circuitry as possible. Everything is measured, shielded and optimized for this compact yet functional layout.

          Fully equipped

          Daily headphone use needs to be easy and comforting to use. With the included 12-Volt trigger connected to your Premier Powerbase, the Headphone amp will automatically turn on and off with your system. Forward facing jacks make it easy to plug in and switch headphones, making it simpler to dive into your music.

          Analog bypass

          After a long session of headphone listening, simply switch to the included Bypass Mode to send your music to your desk monitors or home system to share music with friends and family.

          Anodized finishes

          Elegant yet commanding, our finishes are available in a matte silver or matte black anodize. Our products include our in-house designed viton feet, but any audiophile M6X1 foot can be installed to personalize your system.

          Where to buy?
          Buy MSB Technology The Premier Headphone Amplifier online at the best price in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and all across India. Enjoy expert, prompt and courteous customer service from the Ooberpad team. We will help you choose better and give you all the support you need to take the right buying decision in India.

          Technical Specifications of MSB Technology The Premier Headphone Amplifier:   

          Brand & Model # The Premier Headphone Amp
          Supported Formats Analog Only. The Premier Headphone Amp can ONLY be used with MSB DACs.
          XLR Analog Inputs Optimized for 75Ω or 150Ω Balanced Source
          XLR Analog Outputs Direct connection to input when enabled or unit powered off.
          When listening to headphones, output is muted with 75Ω output impedance
          Headphone Output Impedance 40Ω
          Dynamic Range
          (Max Power at 45Ω)
          Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz ±0.3dB
          Common Mode Rejection Ratio > 82dB CMRR @ 60Hz
          > 82dB CMRR @ 1kHz
          > 80dB CMRR @ 20kHz
          Crosstalk <-110dB Crosstalk @ 1kHz
          <-90dB Crosstalk @ 20kHz
          Max Power @ 1% THD+N 8Ω @ 4.5Vrms (2.53W)
          16Ω @ 7.5Vrms (3.51W)
          32Ω @ 11.4Vrms (4.06W)
          45Ω @ 13.2Vrms (3.87W)
          150Ω @ 13.8Vrms (1.27W)
          Headphone Output Connectors 1x 4 Pin XLR
          2x 1/4" Stereo Jack (Single-ended)
          Display Power LED
          Controls Rear panel power switch
          Front panel passthrough/Headphone toggle switch
          1x MSB 12V Trigger
          Power Consumption 82 Watts
          (8Watts in passthrough mode)
          AC Voltage 100V (Fixed)
          120/240V (User switch on bottom of unit)
          Input/Gain Stage - Class A
          - Double balanced
          - Impedance matched
          - Fully discrete
          Output Stage - Class A
          - Balanced or Single-ended*
          *Only in single-ended mode when 1/4" jack is used
          Chassis Dimensions
          Width: 17 in (432 mm)
          Depth: 12 in (305 mm)
          Chassis Height (Without Feet): 2.45 in (62 mm)
          Stack height: 3.05 in (77 mm)
          Weight: 31 lbs (14 kg)
          Product Feet: The Viton Foot (M6X1 Thread)
          Included Accessories Product manual
          Grounding cable

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