A Quick Guide on What is DIRAC Live and its Benefits

September 21, 2022
A Quick Guide on What is DIRAC Live and its Benefits
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An important question that often goes unaddressed is: what part of your HiFi system is not designed for audio playback? 

Surprisingly enough, your room where you have your home entertainment set-up is most probably not designed for audio playback. It is a room that serves as a multi-utility room for things like enjoying your meals and catching up with friends and family. Definitely not designed for audio playback, that's a consistent and an overlooked problem for achieving great audio quality right.

Not happy with the way your speakers sound? Is there a solution that offers great success?  

The room will always impact the sound quality. There are several room acoustical problems and in conjunction now, various products like room acoustical treatments to better the situation. 

Electronic based solutions like Dirac Live, when used correctly, help audiophiles get the best from their systems.

Dirac is named after the renowned British physicist Paul Dirac, whose name is associated with the mathematical function that lies at the core of the company's Dirac Live room correction software.

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DIRAC Room Collection

Dirac Live: What is it? How does it  help in improving sound in the environment?

Dirac Live comes under the broader room correction category however proper room correction would entail building a new one from scratch, subsequently aiming at improving the rooms acoustics with physical treatment. So, a more suitable category title for Dirac or other DSP solutions would be “Sound Management '' but as they are working in the realm of room acoustics, they definitely qualify to be in the category of room correction.

This software works across domestic listening rooms, car audio, smartphones and headphones and enables you to tailor the system's sound to be more how you want it. It will attempt to get the best sound from a set-up in any given room. Dirac Live is meticulously designed for both home and professional audio applications.To plunge into the subject of Dirac Live further, there are two versions of Dirac Live, one aimed at the home market and the other for the studio. While both versions share the room correction software core, the studio version also incorporates an audio plug-in, and therefore doesn’t need compatible hardware to store and apply the filters like the home version.Like all good software, Dirac Live has been continuously refined since it was introduced in 2011, and the latest version boasts better usability, a revised phase correction algorithm for improved stereo imaging and a dedicated bass management system. The latter gives Dirac Live control over low frequencies in a sophisticated way we haven’t seen before.
DIRAC Live Room Collection

What are the key benefits of Dirac Live?

  • It's useful because you can see how your speakers are behaving in your listening room
  • It enables you to see things in the measurements you cannot hear
  • It puts you in total control of the sound you will hear from your speakers and system from a frequency response point of view and allows you to optimise the system’s sound
  • You can significantly reduce obvious bass peaks and nulls 
  • You would experience improved localization of sound events, so-called staging
  • You would see a significant increase in the levels of clarity and intelligibility in music and speech
  • The listening area would be free of resonances
  • Dirac Live takes a comprehensive approach to room optimisation, prioritising the impulse response of the speaker alongside its frequency balance in the room.
  • Suffice to say, without this level of control that Dirac Live offers, you will only ever hear what your listening room speaker interaction allows and as the room is not designed for audio the sound experience won’t be good enough.

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    How to add Dirac to your HiFi?

    1. There needs to be a Dirac digital brain or core, somewhere in your HiFi audio system and that should be active all the time you want to use it. To integrate a Dirac brain into your HiFi is with software, you can buy, download and install Dirac Studio which will run as a stand alone software and use that computer as the brain for Dirac and you can run Dirac Studio on both Mac and PC. 
    2. Next, you download Dirac Live for free and you can use the software on any Mac or PC.  The software uploads your calibration file to the Dirac brain/core and then it just works. 

    An ultimate sound experience is every audiophile’s dream treat. 

    To enjoy Dirac Live Room Correction in both home and professional audio applications, you can now reach out to our experts at Ooberpad who can empower and enhance your sound systems. 

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